East End Field Hockey
Miller Place, NY 11764
Ph: 631-828-6080
alt Ph: 631-680-9398
About Us
East End Field Hockey was developed to foster
growth and development of field hockey on Long
Island. Our program provides an opportunity to
expand the skills necessary to compete in field
hockey at a level each participant"s talent, dedication
and desire takes them to. We provide a variety of
programs for beginners, recreational players, players
that wish to play at the collegiate level and to adults
wanting to pick up their

Shine, Lady Gems!
Director and Head Coach
Kim Hannigan:
We believe with developing the proper
tactical skills and intuition we will guide
We believe with developing the proper
our athletes to get the most out of their
We also believe if our athletes
execute those tactical and instinctual skills
to the best of their ability, their individual
and team achievements will be endless.

We promise to motivate our athletes to
believe in themselves and to have the
tenacity to work hard, in order for them
to be the best that they can be.

We promise to instill the principles of
honesty, loyalty, integrity, courage and
respect for others, on and off the field

G uidance

E xecution

M otivation

S portsmanship